We can offer and advise on the various types of decking available, constraints depend on your design, choice, functionality and budget.

All deck area frames are purpose built on site using stress tested building grade treated timber.

We use high grade materials and fixings to allow your project to stand the test of time. 

Softwood:  A deck board commonly used due to availabilty and affordability produced from faster grown evergreen timber which is treated to increase the lifespan


+ Lower cost , availability   


 - Bends and twists, shorter life span, high maintenance

Hardwood:   Predominantly produced from deciduous trees these slow growers produce harder timber with  amazing grained finishes. 


+ hardwearing, long lasting, virtual maintenance free


 - higher cost, 

composite deck image.jpg

Composite:   Manmade deck boards produced by different methods often recycled from a variety materials including plastic and wood. These require the subframe to be made of composite or aluminum joists to conform to manufacturers guarantee


+ uniform detail, very long lasting, maintenance free


-  Expensive, 

We can help design your deck area.
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