Costs and Budget

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Working out costings

 Between £800 and £1,600 per square meter.

There are many factors that effect the price of the building, the main considerations are the SIP's (size of building), glazing (external doors and windows) and the cladding. 


SIP'S- We construct all our garden rooms from Structurally Insulated Panels. This allows us to design and build bespoke garden rooms that achieve high level thermal efficiencies and are quickly constructed from kit form


Glazing- The cost of can vary depending on the type of glazing you select.

There are many options to consider: double glazing, triple glazing, UPVC, aluminium, bi-fold doors , french doors, sliding patio doors.



Cladding- The cost of cladding can also vary, as this is the main contributor to the overall image of your building, it is essential to use good quality material

Our preference is Western Red Cedar or Accoya, these are expensive but they are premium quality. Elevations that aren't visible can be cladded in cheaper materials to keep costs down.


We will design your building based on your budget.
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